Language Tags for the Multilingual Semantic Web
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Language Tags API

Base URL
Authentication Put the API key in the Authorization header, replacing your_key with an active API key:
Authorization: Apikey your_key


Parameter Data type Length Description
tag string Max 255 characters This can be a language code or tag.

Successful response message
HTTP Status Code Example Value
200 For an example value, please go here and enter a language tag to see the returned json.

Other response messages and headers

Response messages
HTTP Status Code Example Value
400 { "code": "40000", "message": "Bad Request", "description": "There is a runtime error. Please check your code." }
401 { "code": "40100", "message": "Unauthorized", "description": "The use of this API is unauthorized. Please check you have an active API key." }
403 { "code": "40300", "message": "Forbidden", "description": "The use of this API is forbidden. Please check you have have subscribed to this API." }
404 { "code": "40400", "message": "Not Found", "description": "The resource you have requested does not exist." }
410 { "code": "41000", "message": "Gone", "description": "This resource is no longer available. Please check for a newer version." }
415 { "code": "41500", "message": "Unsupported Media Type", "description": "The only content type allowed is application/json." }
429 { "code": "42900", "message": "Too Many Requests", "description": "Too many requests were sent in 1 hour." }

Response headers
HTTP Header Description
X-Rate-Limit-Limit The number of allowed requests in 1 hour.
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining The number of remaining requests for this hour.
X-Rate-Limit-Reset The number of seconds remaining for this hour.